The Pop 10 Celebrates 2 Years!

by Alyson, co-host of TP10

Today, August 30, 2018, is a huge day for all of us here at TP10! Two years ago today at 10 p.m. (pun totally intended) we officially launched The Pop 10. Our dream was to create a podcast and a place where we can talk with all of you about the incredible and crazy things happening in pop culture. Whether you’ve just discovered us or been with us from the beginning, thank you for helping this dream become reality!

But we want to bring you so much more as we move forward. More videos, news on our blog, giveaways, first looks and fun countdowns. So today we’re launching our new website, giving you a new home that we hope you’ll visit on the regular!

And we’re also launching new merchandise with our brand new logo as part of our celebration. You can grab it here now and rock it!

We’re pumped that you’re part of our pop culture squad and can’t wait for what’s ahead!


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