The Pop 10 Countdown for July 2018

Join us as we talk San Diego Comic Con, Drake’s In My Feelings viral sensation, The Carpetbagger, Overwatch League, Demi Lovato and so much more! Check it out now on iTunes, Spreaker or Spotify and don’t forget to follow us on FacebookTwitter, Instagram and YouTube for cool giveaways, unboxing videos and more.

Here’s a quick recap of the countdown!

10. Movies – James Gunn Let Go as Director of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

9. Viral – Drake’s In My Feelings Challenge

8. Sports – First Ever All Women’s WWE Comes to PPV

7. Food – Captain Morgan Pumpkin Spiced Rum

6. Web – The Carpetbagger

5. Music – Demi Lovato Back in Rehab

4. Horror – Walker Nation Podcast Hits 200th Episode

3. TV – Ruby Rose Cast as Batwoman

2. Collectibles – SDCC Recap

1. Gaming – Overwatch League Finals

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