The Pop 10 Countdown for June 2018

by Alyson, Co-Host of TP10

Join us this month as we talk Gorillaz and Drake’s new albums, FIFA World Cup, the new Mr. Rogers Neighborhood documentary and more. Check it out now on iTunes, Spreaker or Spotify and don’t forget to follow us on FacebookTwitter, Instagram and YouTube for cool giveaways, unboxing videos and more.

Here’s a quick recap of the countdown!

10. Movies – The Incredibles II

9. Icons – Won’t You Be My Neighbor Documentary Debuts

8. Viral – Iridocyclitis Vines

7. Food – Death Wish Coffee Goes to Space

6. Sports – FIFA World Cup in Russia

5. Music – Drake’s Scorpion and Gorillaz’s The Now Now Drop

4. Gaming – Overwatch Debuts New Hero, Wrecking Ball

3. Horror – Halloween (2018) Trailer Drops

2. Collectibles – SDCC Funko POPs! Revealed

1. TV – The Conner’s Coming to ABC after Roseanne Barr’s Debacle

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