The Pop 10 Countdown for May 2018

by Alyson, Co-Host of TP10

Join us this month as we talk Solo: A Star Wars Story, Yanni vs. Laurel, Roseanne Barr’s Tweet, Michelle Obama’s new book and more. Check it out now on iTunes, Spreaker or Spotify and don’t forget to follow us on FacebookTwitter, Instagram and YouTube for cool giveaways, unboxing videos and more.

Here’s a quick recap of the countdown!

10. Movies – Solo: A Star Wars Story

9. Viral – Laurel vs Yanni

8. Music – Kanye West Uses Picture of Whitney Houston’s Bathroom for Album Cover

7. Sports – Enzo Amore is cleared…and back…and rapping

6. Books – Michelle Obama’s New Book “Becoming” Available for Pre-Sale

5. Theme Parks – Happy Birthday Volcano Bay

4. Gaming – Jurassic World Alive

3. Horror – Goodbye Rick Grimes

2. TV – Roseanne Barr’s Tweet Cancels Show Renewal

1. Comics – Jamie Foxx to Re-Spawn, Spawn

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